Botellón 800 litros para cloro

Manufacturers of cylinders with capacities of up to 1000 litre for storing, transporting and handling different products:

  • Chlorine
  • GLP
  • Refrigerant gases
  • Ammonia
  • Others


Cylinders are constructed in accordance with the ADR "Transport of Hazardous Goods” regulation and rules applicable to the specific product.
Supplied with fitted valves and ready inerted.


Optional marking:

  • Can be π marked as per European Directive on Transportable Pressurised Equipment (2010/35/CE)
  • Double marking: π as per 2010/35/EC and CE as per European Directive on Pressurised Vessels

Double marking is useful to have on the same item to use it as a transportable tank or a static tank (subject of course to applicable regulations).