Pressure vessels for special projects in industrial applications. Design and construction of specific vessels for industrial projects in accordance with project characteristics and requirements.


Lapesa has a division for producing special pressurised or atmospheric vessels, which because of their size, content or end use, are not included in our standard product catalogues.

Our technical department designs the product and adapts it to the specific requirements of each project according to current building codes and European regulations. Since 2013, we also build to American standard ASME VIII, Div.1.


Product design carried out in accordance with specific project requirements

  • Tanks for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Depósitos para instalación horizontal o vertical
  • Capacities up to 400 m3.
  • Outer diameters up to 4.2 metres.
  • Casing made of carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • For any type of content: gases, fluids, chemicals, etc.
  • Design pressure ratings depending on size and end use.
  • Special interior and / or exterior finishes.
  • Compartmentalised tanks.
  • Specific accessories, valves, access structure, platforms, watering ramps, etc.


Product design is always carried out in close communication with the customer to best tailor the final product to the specific requirements of the project.